Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL

Marco Polo Mongolian Barbecue & Chinese Restaurant ’s goal is to serve the freshest Asian take out in Jacksonville, FL. Our Mongolian barbecue restaurant takes pride in dishing up only the tastiest fruits and vegetables. With dishes cooked right in front of your eyes with the sauce of your choice, you can be sure each plate is made to order just for you.

Our Asian restaurant specializes in Chinese and Mongolian eats, focusing on the vibrant and fresh flavors of these traditional cuisines. Our type of cooking isn’t only much healthier but it’s also flavorful. Our yellow curry chicken and vegetable dumplings are the most authentic Asian dishes you’ll ever find in Jacksonville. Stop by our Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant today or ask your neighbors in Jacksonville, FL! We’re a crowd pleasing favorite.

Our staff is friendly and professional. They’ll be happy to serve you and make you feel comfortable. Marco Polo Mongolian Barbecue & Chinese Restaurant is proud to serve wonderfully prepared and traditional Asian take out. Visit us today, sit back, relax and grab a bite!

Why Choose Us

  • Family Owned
  • Fast & Reliable Service
  • Affordable Pricing